Best Styling Hacks To Wear Lingerie As An Outerwear

Lingerie as an outwear trend

Lingerie as an outerwear is exactly what it sounds like. Whether you are an Italian lingerie novice or expert, you’ve heard of the “lingerie as outerwear” trend. You heard that right and yes, we are serious about it. You can actually wear your lingerie, as street fashion. And women around the world are making a fashion statement out of it.

Lingerie is no longer a supporting accessory for your closet. If you give it some freedom and wings to your imagination – you can make lingerie take the mains stage for your wardrobe. You might think how on earth something so reserved can become a fashion in a real sense. The answer is styling tricks and fashion hacks.

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-Who says that kimono is a kind of comfort dress. You can, in fact, wear a Kimono as office-wear and drop off that heavy cardigan. If you know how to style it then you’ll know that it is such an elegant dress and can use as a luxe layer for any time street-wear.

-A mesh maxi dress doesn’t flash your body – all at the right places but is a great style statement in itself. If you are bold enough, you can pair it with high-waisted, full-coverage underwear.

-Cute and sweet is the best way to describe an open-back romper. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing it down the street then you can pair it with other accessories.

Try lingerie as an outerwear – a try if you haven’t already!

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