6 Most Common Bra Problems Faced By Women – [An Infographic]

Common Bra Problems

The only thing which ruins your day is an ill-fitting bra. The common bra problems are the constant adjustments, poking wires, and slipping straps consume your day and irritate your whole day. It is truly a right saying that “we’ve all dealt with a bra from hell that should probably be thrown away, but still, we hang on to it for some reason”. A simple modification, while you are buying your lingerie, will totally change the way you look and make you feel more comfortable too.

Here are the most common mistakes that every girl faces with her lingerie.

  • Bra Riding Up
  • Side Boob Spillage
  • Quad Boobs
  • Baggy Bra Cups
  • Slipping Bra Straps
  • Digging Bra Straps
  • Exposing Nipple
  • Poking Underwire Bra
  • Escaping Boobs
  • Uneven Boobs

Check out the infographic below to see if you are too facing these problems with your bra and try to resolve them with proper guidance.

Bra is the most closest companion of any women, well you can take it literally. A bra always supports a woman and never lets her down no matter what. Today every woman believes that if she has a perfect fit bra then she has got her best friend. And bra is something that never makes women feel bored and dull as bra has got many styles and colors

Take good care of your bras, and they’ll take care of you!

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