Luxury Lingerie Maker Cosabella’s Success Story

Luxury Lingerie Maker Cosabella’s Success Story

Cosabella has established itself as a leading luxury lingerie maker. The success story of Cosabella is inspiring as well as motivational. Established in early 80’s, and now run by the second generation, Cosabella has made its way as a luxury lingerie maker and has become one of the most recommended lingerie brand around the world. There has been constant change in the marketing policies of Cosabella as a brand for lingerie.

Going with a change in the digital age, the marketing also changed with time. There was a time when it was a plateau situation for the brand. But, with smart Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud, its revenue increased by sixty percent.

Watch An Interesting Video By Cosabella “60% Revenue Growth: Cosabella’s Success Story”

Courtney Connell who is the marketing director of Cosabella believed in the new age marketing and digital transformation that worked in the favor of this reputed brand – Cosabella. The new marketing not only increased the revenue by sixty percent but also increased the subscription of the brand that gave it a huge boost. With sales and marketing insight, Cosabella is now ahead of the digital and marketing times. And, there is no looking back as the revenue is constantly increasing over time.

The Emarsys B2C marketing tool has helped Cosabella emerge as a winner in luxury lingerie brand. With better blogs, UGC, and creativity, the revenue through the tool will only increase.

Better customer relationship and satisfaction is what Cosabella as a brand looks at achieving.

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