5 Types Of Women Underwear For Any Occasion – [An Infographic]


Underwear is one of the basic and inevitable items which all of us have. There are different types of underwear which must be preferred for more comfort and beautiful butt shape. Everybody wears underwear every day, but most of us don’t talk about these intimate cuties enough. It is probably the most important item of clothing in the wardrobe. Some of us go in for pretty looking lacy underwear whilst others prefer comfortable cotton ones. Though all these criteria are preference based, there are 5 basic types of underwear for different occasions like:

  • Boy shorts
  • Cheeky Briefs
  • Hipsters
  • Bikini bottoms
  • Thong

Check out the infographic below by “Meundies.com” and know the different types of panties for different occasions.

Just like a bra, a right panty to wear is very important. Whether you are wearing a pencil skirt or the high waist jeans or a short dress, wearing the right panty is very important. It’s totally very essential that you should know the important facts about underwear. It does not only help you to maintain your figure but also helps you stay comfortable for a long time. So, hurry up! Get the right size sexy panties available for ladies and try them freely to flaunt your looks.

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